Travel Far: A Beginner’s Guide to the Out-of-Body Experience, Including First-Hand Accounts and Comprehensive Theory and Methods [Available]

Classes on A Course in Miracles: Contemporary Pure Non-Dualism – Discussions 1 through 12 [Available]

Forgive and Be Free; or, Forgiving People Who Believe the Earth is Flat: A Course in Miracles in Practice (Book 1) [Summer 2016]

Available Soon

Next Density: Metamorphosis into Fourth Density Being; Personal Transformation for the New Age (2017)

Galactic Travels: One Hundred Out-of-Body Journeys through Interstellar Space (2017)

Exo-Communications: How to See Extraterrestrial Craft and How to Initiate Contact with Extraterrestrials Beings (2017)


Next Density™ Out-of-Body / Astral Projection Intensive Online Course I. This is a 2-month practical course on developing out-of-body / astral projection basic skill, led by Darryl E Berry Jr. The course material is Travel Far. Click here to sign-up!!

Next Density™ Extraterrestrial and Interdimensional Contact Initiative I. This is a new research and development initiative on the practical ability to psychically contact and directly perceive and interact with extraterrestrial/interdimensional beings, led by Darryl E Berry Jr. Building upon my experience and research I’ll share techniques to help psychologically prepare psychologically for contact, and we’ll put these ideas into practice both at home and out in the field doing live contact outreach efforts.  Click here to sign-up!!

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Next Density™ is the research, education, and development effort of Darryl E Berry Jr, founded in in 2015. I'm a long-time metaphysical researcher and experiencer. Next Density™ is dedicated towards research, education, and development along the lines of metaphysical development, spiritual growth, consciousness expansion, multi-dimensional awareness, free energy technology, and extraterrestrial contact. The Next Density™ logo (also a trademark and service mark) is an illustration I made representing the physical body, the nonphysical body, and consciousness, as perceived and experienced in a childhood out-of-body experience. Under the imprint Next Density Publishing™ I publish books on these topics, books based not on speculation but on the three primary ways I've found to increase our understanding of the world: research, experience, and observation.


Travel Far Free to Prisoners

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I anticipate at some point there being a physical location to house my research, education, and development efforts called the Next Density Center™.


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